Exciting Live Casino Poker for those who miss real gambling establishments

An excellent option for gambling fans for quite a long time is the convenient Live Casino, which allows the player to immerse into the real life of a gambling establishment, actually being at home in his comfortable chair. Now there are many online services that allow you to play Live Casino Poker in real time.

There is a special software installed here that guarantees the game for several visitors at the same table or even several at once. And the highlight of the site are real dealers, which are often played by slender girls with excellent external data.

To communicate with the dealer or with opponents, there is a chat, where each user can ask about the rules, tactics and other nuances of entertainment. Also services with this popular entertainment have the following advantages:

  • Players are exempt from the tedious search for suitable clubs, because the competition can be held around the clock, right in your apartment, or during breaks at work;
  • By implementing Live Casino Poker tournaments, users are guaranteed complete anonymity;
  • Given the opportunity to participate simultaneously in several tournaments;
  • For regular customers a number of special bonuses, VIP club loyalty and incentive casino games;
  • Poker Live Casino also offers a wide range of entertainment options, which is card poker;

Now it becomes obvious that Live Poker is a very popular game, the goal of which is to form a certain winning combination, and the victory of players depends on luck and professional ability to calculate a competent strategy of the game.

Peculiar specifics of the Live Casino Poker game with real dealers

The main feature of Casino Live Poker is always the fact that the cards are shuffled and dealt with the participants of the game, and the process is broadcast in real time, so there is never any trust. In general, the rules are no different from traditional online poker, which should not cause any difficulties. The technical evolution of the interface now provides advanced features when choosing bids, exchanging cards and making decisions during the bidding process.

But since the rules at the gambling table still differ in accordance with the varieties of poker, players need to familiarize themselves with these features. Here are some differences characteristic of the following types of poker:

  1. The most famous type of entertainment is considered Texas Holdem, according to the rules of which more than 80% of international tournaments and championships are held. It uses a deck of 52 cards, where the highest is always an ace, and the youngest is two. The player needs to collect a favorable combination of two personal and five common cards dealt to him.
  2. The second most popular game is usually Omaha, where not four, but four cards are dealt to the participant. Here, bet sizes are limited to certain limits.
  3. Stud Poker was quite popular for quite a long time, but gradually it was superseded by two previous types of poker. The difference of the game is that there are no community cards here. After placing the bets, users are dealt 5 or 7 cards, five of which form the final combination.
  4. While playing Draw Poker, casino visitors place bets and then they are dealt five closed cards. During the trade, each player has the opportunity to replace the number of cards he needs. The best combination wins.

Common to all varieties is the fact that after studying the rules, all participants choose their place at the table, make a bet and closely monitor the distribution through a direct webcast. Card denomination and suit are duplicated and displayed on a separate screen.

List of services where you can play Live Casino Poker

Every player who wants to try his hand at Live Casino Poker can use the following recommended list:

  1. Operating since 888casino since 1997, which uses software from Evolution Gaming, offers players live tables with Three-Card Poker and Texas Hold’em.
  2. The famous PokerStars Casino (founded in 2016) has a range of Texas Hold’em, Three Card Texas, Caribbean Stud, Stars Texas, and Texas Bonus.
  3. At Party Casino, anyone can play Three-Card Poker, Ultimat Texas, Stud and Dealer Texas.
  4. TitanCasino Playground is a Playtech product and offers Texas, Pontoon, Hi-Lo Premium and Caribbean Stud games.
  5. You can use the services of Medialife Casino, but for many it is too expensive.

The choice of sites with Live Poker is quite large, so there is something to choose from. Therefore, all lovers of this popular entertainment should only become more attentive and confident to go to their victory.